“My foster sister and I destroyed a potted plant. Then we ate the entire contents of a 1 pound bag of salmon snacks, and had lots of diarrhea afterwards. And I mean LOTS… (My foster sister ran away when Jenny saw the mess…I feel betrayed…)

Sigh— What’s with my girls, lately?! It’s only been a week since the death of the Blissful Bookworm, and then I come home to something even more dogshaming.com-worthy! (By the way, I did submit the picture above, so we’ll see if it gets published).

Anyway, the potted plant would have been bad enough…they even managed to track the dirt into their crates, and inside the empty plastic bottle they have as a toy! But then I noticed the bag of salmon snacks…

They had completely chewed it open, and ate every single snack inside. Mind you, this bag lasts me about 2 months or so, and they polished it off in a day.  They must have worked up quite a thirst as well (the salmon snacks are partially dried), since their water bowls were bone dry…and lastly, the result of this mess was a bunch of diarrhea in the house~~~

When I leave the house, I’m pretty good about clearing out any problem items, but it looks like I need to up my game… Bad dogs! Or perhaps, Bad Jenny! for not outsmarting the dogs this time….

About mz jenny lee

Wearing many hats for a living...because who wants to wear just one hat? My many and diverse interests have lead to different blogs so I can give them individual love and attention :)! I hope you enjoy them!

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