Here’s my darling Webby as a puppy during her shelter days, and a picture of the beautiful adult dog she’s grown up into!

Poor baby was abandoned as a young puppy in Busan, a city in the south of Korea. She was rescued from the Busan city pound (which would have euthanized her) when a kindly Korean man brought her to the no-kill shelter in Asan.

At Asan, she established a reputation as an avid devourer of rawhides!


My little sweetie started life as a floppy-eared dog as you can see below:


And then slowly the ears stood up, one by one— (check out her gawky stage in the bottom right picture below when she had one ear up and one down!).


Look at that face behind the cage! She became a famous escape artist at the shelter, and managed to scale that 6 ft chain link fence on multiple occasions! Guess she was desperate to get out and join my family ASAP—and how I love having her be a part of it now :)!

About mz jenny lee

Wearing many hats for a living...because who wants to wear just one hat? My many and diverse interests have lead to different blogs so I can give them individual love and attention :)! I hope you enjoy them!

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