Update: we’ve officially adopted her! Welcome to the family, Hoochoo!


Hoochoo (후추) means “black pepper” in Korean. This foster gal of mine is sprinkled with black spots, and she adds a dash of spice to my life! Life has been hectic fostering this little girl while taking care of my resident dog, Webby, but also a lot of fun~~~

Hoochoo’s incredible rescue story started with an impassioned plea for help from a photographer in Seoul.   I’m glad I was able to answer the call to rescue this little gal. I also had a chance to speak with the kind-hearted construction ajushi who helped Hoochoo survive until her eventual rescue. The ajushi shared Hoochoo’s story with me.

In Seoul, there is a neighborhood that is being completely razed to make room for new apartment buildings. The ajushi first saw Hoochoo, very clean and healthy-looking, in February. He thinks someone left her behind on purpose since the whole neighborhood has been cleared of all residents since the beginning of this year, at least. He left food scraps for her whenever he could. No doubt she would not have survived the winter and five months on the streets without him. Despite his kindness, Hoochoo remained wary, and never got closer than a meter. I got a sedative from a vet, and gave it to him, along with a dog crate. Soon, he caught her and called me. I took her to the vet right away.

As you can imagine, she’s been through a lot, and has a lot of issues to work through. We’re working on it with lots of love and training…you can read more about Hoochoo’s progress at her Animal Rescue Korea profile page, which also has adoption information

Woof woof! What do you think?

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